Monday, November 3, 2008

Dia De La Playa

Yesterday was the real Dia de los Muertos. Betty and her family O and I spent the afternoon at the beach. We stayed until the sun went down and the moon came up. Claudia brought Sopa seco which if you recall is pasta, home made Macaroni and Cheese to be exact. They made me a mac and cheese tostada and O an mac and cheese sandwhich on Bimbo bread. Modelo Especial to wash it all down. I love an ice cold can of cheap beer on a hot day. It's like a Pabst or a Bud. Goes down fast and easy and so refreshing. O had jugo de manzana. O went in the Ocean no problem. This was the first time! She swam until her lips went blue, warmed up in the sun the sun then went back in. We swam till dusk then cuddled up under towels and waited for the rest to come while pointing out new stars and the sliver of a new moon. Now this was the best day we've had in Cabo so far by far. I thought I'd share that to counter act the other day. It's just real life here and that day on the beach makes it all better. Healed up a tattered phsyiquee (which I totally cannot spell but spent 2o minutes trying) and has me ready to tackle the week. whooofda. Here we go. Today I am going to attempt to hook up the propane. I just ran out. that should be interesting. Don't worry, I'm not doing it myself. I'm calling someone. Oh that's right I haven't told the white gas story yet.... I'm working on it.

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