Friday, January 2, 2009


They have a word in Spanish for Christmas Party, Posada. I think that just goes to show how Mexican's feel about the ole holiday party, it's so awesome it gets it's own word. Not like Birthday party, or going away party, they don't get their own word (or maybe they do and I just haven't learned it yet. Anyway Posada's here start around Dec 12 day of the Virgin de Guadalupe (the one you see posted up on the windows of half the cars on lake street, she's important). Apparently her story is that a dark faced virgin showed herself to a boy up on a mountain side and no one believed that he saw her until on the third day her face became imprinted in the fabric of his pancho. That's when all the peeps believed him. The fact that her face was dark helped convert all of the heathen indian tribes to Christianity thefore even further spreading catholisisim deep into the core of nearly every Mexican tradition. December 12th is the day and here in begins the holiday season. I have learned a few little interesting tid bits about Mexican traditions for the holidays here in Mx. The other one that I found so interesting is that they have a seven pointed star ornament that they sell on nearly every corner of the street during this time of year. The seven tips of the star are supposed to symbolize the seven original sins....which I guess I don't even know what those are supposed to be...Oh wait, nope I got it that's the Brad Pitt movie "Seven" right, anyway there are seven I guess that are somehow even worse than than Moses's ten. Anyhow it's a real pretty little thing, or sometimes big thing, and sometimes it's even a pinata. I am regretting a little that I did not get one. They also decorate their cars here like reindeer and I really wanted to decorate 68' but the timing to buy never seemed right and I just never felt flush enough to justify it...maybe next year.

Going back to the Posada. Ophelia had her school posada on the 18th, marking the last day of school. Another parental event. This one had the same sort of anxiety as far as costume and accoutraments go but at least I was pretty sure after talking with the teach she was going to dance for us. I just had to get the little mexicana outfit that looks so streight outta ole Mexico it shouldn't be that hard to find. I showed people the picture and asked them to point me in the right direction. Betty was the first. She sent me to a fabric store....pause....again pause.... bolts and bolts of fabric. This is me. I do not sew. We've discussed this in earlier posts. There are so many ways that I am willing to extend myself to make this experience work. I put myself in mildly uncomfortable postions that I would never have forced myself to do in the states. I've attempted the weird little craft project they suggest at school, I go to every little event, I try to make parent friends (and we know I have a fear of parents) and fumble through my spanish, I've even tried having our main meal at 2 instead of 6. These are things that I am willing to try to make this school experience all that it should be, but I draw the line at sewing. I took Home Ec. in highschool. Did great at the cooking part but failed miserably at the apron that we were supposed to make. I broke two needles on the thing and I can't tell you how many rats nests...kinda like me and fishing actually...but I like fishing. Bolts and Bolts, Reems and Reems trinkets and mexican ladies galore. I call my mom in a panic. She's in the middle of something but thinks there's actually something wrong. Which puts me in my place a little. Ok it's not that bad. Just walk out the door you'll find something else. Now you know where the fabric store is and you never ever have to go back. I was then sent two 2 other costume stores. Now mind you people, this ain't like going to Southdale. I'm carting my ass all over cabo, searching for parking, no one ever uses street signs to give you directions, you just gotta get a little lucky, have a little savvy and don't drive the suburban that day. Neither costume shop had them. By this time I'm thinking I will go back to the fabric store buy the right fabric, some glue and some safety pins and just slap it on another skirt and because she's young enough she'll never know better, to never forgive me for sending her out in public looking like a tossed out rag doll. Luckily it didn't have to come to that. O was headed to Alex and Letty's that day and Alex was actually coming to visit the school just in case one day I could not get there in time Alex could pick her up. Alex said that she had an outfit that might just work. She cleared it with the school and also informed me that they will be performing for orphans the next day. I'm like DUDE how was I supposed to know that (and awww Orphans???). Apparently they were sending me home a note that day, which for me wouldn't been read until the next week because that's about how long it takes me to translate anything. Thank Goodness for Alex. Always thank goodness for Alex.

Also for this deal we were supposed to fashion a golden drum out of recycled products. I'm not shitting you. I know that they are trying to teach a conciencousness and save everyone money by getting creative. I'm getting the feeling that every native born Mexican could take Martha Stuart in a show down any day. I'm thinking, where is Target? Why don't you all just show us a picture and have us get it at Target, or even better yet, why doesn't the school just let us order everything from them???? Oh but that would be no fun. If I didn't have that to do how would I fill my day, getting fat on bon bons no doubt. I did the damned drum to specification...or at least it sort of looked like the hand drawn picture that they gave me but since I skipped the instructions, I forgot to add the neck band and drum sticks. So she was unable to play her drum in the performance anyway. I almost cared but sinced I was too pissed about having to make the thing I put minimal effort into it and really barely gave a rip, just wished I hadn't made the effort to got to two papelaria's. Luckily for me my kid is 3 she just doesn't care that much. She'd been practicing without a drum all week she didn't care. She performed that "Little Drummer Boy" remix like a champ. It was awesome!!!!! To see my kid actually perform at one of these things. Usually she throws a mini-fit and just hangs out in my arms and I've let her cuz it's all so new. But this time I knew she could do it. She looked so cute and she did great. She still sings and does the song. I'm posting video of this all I hope. Otherwise enjoy the pics.

Our Donkey Christmas is coming soon.

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