Monday, December 15, 2008

Beach, Yoga, Spanish, Potty

I have no photo's to share this week. Just an up date. I feel like I am just getting my feet under me now enough to head into what I like to call phase three of moving to Mexico. I've gotten through all of the initial moving in and O has acclimated to school really nicely and is now happy as can be there, phew, I'm so glad. She's even now almost completely potty trained. I tried it a couple of other times but it just wasn't happenin'. This time it was nearly magic. She saw her princessa panties which I'd been holding out on letting her wear saying, "princessa panties are only for when you go potty in the potty". It kills me to hear myself sound like such a mom. But anyways one day she decided she wanted to wear them and play downstairs and I said, "ok but you if you have to go potty call me and I will come down and help you." Fully expecting a big pee mess but willing to giv'er a try, I leave O to play in her room. A few minutes later I hear her yelling. And would you belive it a full on pooh in the potty. This may be a TMI for many of you but in parent land this is a big deal! After that I was like, no diapers again. She knows whats up. It took a couple of days to get the pee under control and we've had accidents with both and I do feel like I've been more intimate with pooh and pee than I've ever really imagined through this process but it's a means to an end, I deal with it more now, so that I deal with it less later, and luckily I like the smell of Mexican cleaning products so it clean up ain't so bad either, I mean as far as cleaning up poop goes. So moving along that is not exactly phase three but it shows you where we are in our adjustment to life in Cabo, ready to take on a little more.

So along with potty training, I've decided I'm stable enough to take on some training of my own part of my phase three. I went out and got myself some Spanish lessons. Two days a week and a conversation club on Monday Night. I am really excited. I met the guy while trying to get my Acta Constitutiva translated for my Company and he does lessons too. At first he was telling me that he is trying to get 10 people together for the Spanish class because mostly the institute focuses on English to native spanish speakers but they are looking to expand. He told me I was the first this year to sign up and as soon and he gets 10 we can get started learning how to introduce ourselves and say where we are from...Ah yahhhhh that could take oh say and eternity. And, OK I thought I'd better clue him in on my Spanish history. I've never taken spanish...well that's not true, I did take a semester in 7th grade but I am pretty sure my friends and I made it our personal mission to tourture the teacher and try to send her into a totaly mental break down...we were not nice...I was a mean 7th grader. Mean. But, I promise not to be so mean to my new instructor who I explained that I only speak street enough to get by on the mean streets, and tourist corridor and yacht harbor and cruise boat marketplace of Cabo. He was like, well show me whatcha got sista?!? And I get a stuttery and nervous and I was like tell me what to talk about? So I told him all about me and my business and my daughter and how old we both are and I could've ordered some taco's and asked for the check and we hit our limit. But I am definately beyond beginner but missing the basics. So we decided on private lessons an idea I am very happy with considering the last lessons I took were with the what I called "California Rejects" California kicked them out, the were so...not smart (and I am really working hard to be nice on that). I could not stand the pace of the class and only lasted one session before I ran away screaming and decided to take up SCUBA instead. Good choice I'd say. But now its time. So I'm getting private lessons on Wed and Thurs from 10:00 to 12:00 and still have the opportunity to practice, well all over and everywhere I go, but also in the conversation club. I'm really excited about this because, if there is one thing I really want out of this whole experience, is to be damned good at Spanish and O too. So she's got her school and I'm doin' mine. Plus if I am conducting business here I'm really an a-hole if I don't learn it and I miss out on a lot of important stuff. So there you have it. I'm back in school.

Also in this journey through Cabo and a whole different life that I am trying to establish here, I am realizing that my priorities are much different than at home. For instance staying warm and seeing sunshine...jK that's a lil' jibe because I know it like just rained there and then it froze and then you got a guys. Perhaps you might want to tear a page outta my book and join me. JKing kids but that is kind of where I'm going with this. I have always used all of my spare time and cash to spend with my friends. So at home at least one day a week is dedicated to super fun with my super duper friends. I knew that friends like mine are irreplaceable but I had sort of thought that I might still be going out on my big fancy dinner and cocktails but without "my peeps" here as my mom calls it, it looses much of it's appeal. Don't get me wrong. I still can get away from my house and do stuff it's just more along the lines of taco's and a beer which is like $6.00 as opposed to $60.00 for the night. I've also realized that it is really important for me to stay in balance and really try not to get overwhelmed. It is easy to do here with so much new going on, and my technical difficulities that I have deemed entirely "not fair", and full moon crack my face open antics. I've picked up the yoga again and have even dipped into the meditation. I really love it. I've always loved yoga and even before I knew what yoga was when I was in high school and had lots of pent up anxiety I would take time out at night to stretch and breath to Enya under my neon swirly light. It wasn't yoga exactly but it did the same thing, balance and focus. I'm sort of in the same state I was in highschool. Trying to figure out who I am, and how I fit in here. So I've been sort of doing my own self guided practice at home, from things that I have learned in videos and classes that I"ve taken. Katie and I brought a couple of Yoga Journels to help guide our yoga practice while we drove down the baja, which we totally never did an ounce of practice, like not even in our minds, nada. We were more about imbalance and starting the campsite on fire and haveing fun and driving really fast down highway 1. But, I'm glad now that I have them and they actually were what inspired the meditation portion. But I've been feeling like I could use more guidence and a little more push. So I took up yoga classes too. They're in Spanish so I think that should pair nicely with my other schooling don't you? I had my first Hatha a (form of yoga I am most familiar with) today. And let me tell you this girl kicked my bootiay. It was awesome! I think I made the right choice, though I was hoping for a little bit in the spiritural side of yoga, but even if there was some which I don't really think there is I wouldn't understand it anyways...yet, maybe in a month or two I will be speaking spiritual spanish. It's all good though because when I had visited the studio the week before to check it out, an older woman was working the juice bar and she was so nice when she saw that I returned she hugged me and introduced me to everybody! Like that's not reason enough. Plus she makes me the awesome green juice stuff that is supposed to be good for digestion. It's the only way I like my nopales in juice form. The only downside is that they are closing next week for 3 weeks for Christmas. But a lot of people are so I guess it's something to look forward to after the new year. Oh man my body is hurting already. Nice.

Also along the lines of chilly for you not so much for me. Now is my fave weather. Cooler nights but gorgeous days. Not so hot you can't do anything. This October when we got here was REALLY hot and now it is perfection. O and I went to Cerrito's beach again and it is my fave beach for her and I. The waves roll in really easy for her and there isn't a shore break so it makes playing in the water sooooooo much fun. It has changed a lot as I said before and some people don't like that about it but I like the changes they are classy. There is a little restaurant that has a Jazz singer in the afternoons on Sundays. The restaurant has food and beer, there wasn't that there before and dundadada!!!! a bathroom! yayyyy. This is our place and O is so cute because everytime we go to the beach she finds a friend, so now she kind of expects it. So on our way there she asked, "Mommy do you think I will make any friends there?" awwww, "I hope so." So not long after we arrive she finds a little boy. She loves boys that are just a little older than her, I think it's cuz her fave cousin Matt is a little bit older boy. So she set her sights on this little boy with a face white with sunscreen building a castle and got soooooo excited. She gathered all of her toys and brought them over to this sweet little boy happily playing himself. She stratiegiclly sets down all of her toys around him and says, "Oh yes! We are going to have so, so much fun!" And the little boy was like, "ummmm, ok" I guess he'd hadn't come a across a Klimmek girl before. We know our fun. I asked him if it was ok that she played with him and we was like, "I'd be ok for a little while I guess." They ended up playing for the rest of the day together and holding hands and omg so cute. I made friends with his nanny, Nina. His mom was there too but was less interested in playing with him, so Dirkson, Nina, (Dirksons friend, who was a little older and rowdier and looked like a Zboy and was Italian and wore a little purple speedo, but I can't remember his name), O and I played in the ocean and on the trampoline (the restaurant also has a trampoline so when the kids get cold in the ocean they can still go nuts on the trampoline). I have a feeling we may see Dirkson and his friend again as they all live in Todos Santos. Turns out Nina the nanny is also the mother's event planner and may be interested in using me for some of their smaller events which I would be totally up for AND she is looking to rent her house out, AND she grew up in Todos Santos, moved there with her mom when she was 10. We had a just a few things in common to talk about. I love our beach trips, Ophelia is such a great catylist to meeting people on the beach. I'm out going by Ophelia's got be topped by ten fold.

So there yo have it. The weekly up date. Sorry no pics. Christmas with the Schmucks (my step mothers maiden name, I'm not being mean) is coming up next week so there should be some fun news from that.

Love a&o

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