Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day in the life of a Choyera

A lot of people have been asking what my average day is like in Cabo. I gave my friend Emma the low down here is a copy. Because I am too lazy to write it twice, I copied it with a few additions.

As for my days well. this is a question everyone has been asking so I should blog it but I am pretty sure nobody wants to hear it. But it kinda goes like this.
O crawls into bed with me around 5ish, if I'm lucky. Sometimes earlier, she's all messed up on her timing. Just getting used to the change from Minnesota time and then we just went to day light savings. We Get up around 6 that is if I convince her to just lay and not bounce around, that usually involves rubbing her belly. I get O to school by 7:30 - 7:45. Then a lot of times we've been meeting at the car place, or as we call it Cristobal's (that's the mechanic) because we've all been having car trouble my mom, betty and I. We've been the car shop like 20 times. In fact I was just there today. This is a routine I am ready to be done with for the sake of my morning and for my budget. I discovered yesterday that if I bring my suit with me to drop off O I can stop off at the beach on my way home and go for a swim. I've got the whole beach to myself. I figure I can do this, get my excersize in and still be anywhere by 9 (which is going to be my office hours when we get that up and running 9-2). Then sometimes, actually a whole lot like 3 times a week I have breakfast with Betty and Victor. This is fun, I try to practice Spanish, learn all my slang and submerge myself. They are starting to have most of the breakfast in Spanish now and not translating as much and I'm doing my best to keep up. Until I get started on my Spanish lessons this is really helping me along. I am becoming more and more confident and try to hold whole conversations in Espangol and not just talk about stuff that pertains to me. We're getting there. Betty and I do some work like look at all the homes she manages so that I can write them up or she has to translate stuff for me or I go home and do stuff or go back to swim and the beach like I did today because there wasn't enough time in between things to make it worth coming home so I swam and hung out at Santa Maria again, came home changed picked up O now she's sleeping. She is soooo exhausted after school. Lots to take in. The picture is of when I asked O if she wanted to go to bed and she said no. So I put her down so she could go play and when I came back from emptying the car there she was passed out on the floor. When she gets up we go swimming in our pool, have some dinner, do her homework (which tonight is decorating a skeleton for Dia de los Muertos - we're going to decorate it Ariel the mermaid style. Then bed for her. I write something either my blog or the house write-ups and then go to bed myself. I don't have a TV so it's a lot of writing and Facebooking, man is that a time sucker. Usually I'm in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 I too am exhausted by the end of the day. Sooo much to take in our little brains are tired by the end. And that's sort of how the average day goes. So far for this week anyway. Tuesday we have our weekly business meeting... I almost consider this going out social time. It's the only time I do something in the evening. I haven't gone out, out yet, I am really focusing on stabilizing and really being there for O. School's hard enough she needs her momma around. So there ya go.

I had heard that someone had asked if I was trying to make people jealous. And the answer is oh hell yes. But, its all true and your all welcome to visit, and I want to make you jealous because I miss you and didn't even know it was time of year to carve a pumpkin until I saw Nicole's pictures on Facebook. So I guess we've all got our things. You get fall. I get to go swimming in the ocean everyday. The thing is fall turns into winter and I still get to go swimming in the ocean everyday. :o) Besos a todos!


Alison Lea Photography said...

I love your skeleton! It's beautiful. You're a great artist!

Miss you, Princessa!

Anni said...

I just let a friend read your blog at my house since they don't have a computer and they wondered if "besos a todas" meant "kiss my ass". How tacky, you would never say anything like that would you, darling.

Love Momma