Sunday, October 26, 2008


Every New Years my friends and I get together and do a high and low for the year. It gives us each a chance to reflect on the past year and give our friends insights as to how we felt. Even though I may have spent the entire year with someone and think I know their high or low. I am often surprised. Even if I had their position pegged I'm always it intrigued to hear why. This is pretty much my favorite game (except for the one where you put the stickies on your head with a name on it and have to guess who it is, that's good too but in a different, make an ass out of yourself kind of way). I love the High/ Low game so much I make people do it just about anytime they are at my cabin, it seems like it's always appropriate because it's my house and we're gonna do what I wanna do. Oh no, what I mean to say is that we are all gathered and able to listen for a very short period of our lives and most of my friends like the game as much as I do. I also like play the game after trips or events like Valley Fair. I will use Gretchen's Birthday party at Valley Fair as an example of how to play. My high at Valley Fair was spending time with all of my friends (that's actually kind of lame and boring but we're going to use it). My low was riding the "Wild Thing" as my very first ride. My especially low was when I was having grand ole time chatting in line with all of my friends and gleefully stepped into the roller coaster car, it wasn't until halfway up the "up" part and my body was nearly horizantal to the growd and I realize "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE" and go into a panic and put my head between my knees and start panting OMG, OMG, OMG. (I'm sort of afraid that this will be a metaphor for my move to Mexico, but I think I came into this eyes wide open so I should be ok). Upon survival my super duper low is realizing that I am too old and traumatized for any other rides and only stick to the ones I know. But my other high was Quam's picture posted after the "Wild Thing" which was so hilarious I almost bought it and depicts that she HATED the "Wild Thing" as much as I did, so we stuck together. Oh and Funnel Cake. Funnel Cake was a high. Ok so now that you understand the rules we are going to play that game with my most recent week here in Cabo.
Ok So my high was setting up the initial corporation papers with Betty and Baruch on Wednesday, in which I became Treasurer of Villa's in Baja, the name of our vacation rental business that we starting together. Betty is Secretary and Baruch is Prez but we all own an equal share and the title is just a formality. Much like and I bet most of you are unaware of my other title V.P. of M&K Los Cabos (my mom's biz in cabo) in that it is a necessary formality but in my V.P. status I have no clout nor can I do anything. But as treasurer I am in equal standing with my cohorts. That is a definate High! I hope to keep getting higher. My other high was that I celebrated with Veuve Cliquot that day at lunch. But an even better high was that I had been thinking earlier that I really wanted my signature (because it my head I made it so when we drank like a gallon of it in Eze, a blog I wrote about but never posted) champagne the Tattinger Brut Rose (rowerrr yum). When we went out to my mom's last dinner out (and my last fancy dinner out until she comes back) at the Pamillia they had it! Tattinger Brut Rose. Isn't that exciting that I thought about it and then I got it! Always "High" material!
But my looww was that was my mom's last night out with me and that I'm not going to see her until late Jan. But we'll have lots of stories to tell so it's ok. But my super duper low was when I was driving on the corridor and mom told me I was going wayyyy too fast and told me slow down and go the speed limit. To which I sort of freaked out and said "You want me to go the speed limit Here!" and went the 70 km's which is actually like only 40 miles and hour but it drove me so nuts to go that slow that I couldn't even slow down that far and for fear of being run over by a truck because nobody drives that slow except for people who's cars are duct taped and chicken wired together and have no tail lights. Those are the people who have the accidents not ME! Gawhh. Mphh. I don't know that I actually awknowledged that I was driving to fast (and I'm not now) but we did kiss and make up before lunch. I think we'd just been together a little tooo much. Definately a low point but we're laughing about it now.

My other high was my house warming party in which everyone that I know in Cabo was there. Which is awesome the all agreed to be in my picture so that I could show it to you! But before I took it I made them all say "We Love Anni" and they did! Here they all are starting at the top of the stairs and working its way around I'll name them. Paola, Baruch's girlfriend. Mom. Betty. Anna (Victor's wife) Marta (Romero's wife and of one of the original families of Cabo the Chong family which was waylaid on their way to San Fransiciso from China and stayed. Just interesting that one of the original families in Cabo is Chinese), Victor and his two kids Daniella and Fabrizio. Behind him is Grant and Baruch and then Romero our chef friend. The other high of the night is that this party was a Felize Traje (I'm sure I totally botched that up), basically it's Spanish for potluck. Everybody brought something. I was most excited for was that Betty said she was going to bring "Sopa Verde" or cold green soup. Does not sound appealing at all but everybody said it was good so I was excited to try it. However, when she arrived she came with pasta. I asked here where's the cold green soup? "This is it", she says.
"Thats not soup" says I.
"Pasta is soup" she says oh so matter of factly...duh. And here comes my next low. I was just not going to get it. And even the next day at breakfast (we have a lot of breakfast Betty,Victor and I, thats a high, I love Mexican breakfast) I brought it up. Betty tries to explain and it is not computing. Finally after way to long Victor prompts Betty to tell me that Sopa Seca is pasta (dry soup) and Sopa Con Agua (is soup,soup) and then they inform me that anything with cream in it is Crema, like Elote Crema (Creamy corn soup) which was finally when I got it cuz Katie and I had Elote Crema on the trip and were expecting creamed corn and got soup and it was good. But still soup is soup not pasta, mostly I'm just concerned for ordering purposes I don't want to be in the mood for soup and accidentally order pasta or vice versa. You can understand my low.

And then my other high was releasing the baby turtles, Oliver Ridley's I think is their official name, up in Cabo Pulmo, well actually out at Las Barraka's beach. We had done this once at the hotel and it was kind of neat but mostly boring. At the hotel the turtles had already climbed out of their hole and were being stored in a large Tupperware bin with sand in it and then released in a contained area in which no one could touch them which I totally understood for the safety of the turtles (the people at the hotel were idiots, seriously dumb, I have stories that I will no doubt refer to at some point). But at Cabo Pulmo it was much more of a community thing. People just show up to the beach to help the little guys and gals out of their holes. They all climb out then lay in a pile after they get out of the egg and up out of the whole (which by the way Katie I was right the white things on the beach were turtle eggs, cool huh). We decided it's kind of Indiana Jones looking. There are so many and they crawl on top of each other if you just happened upon them you might be freaked out. Once they are ready the start making their way towards the ocean. The lady on the beach explained in Spanish and I think I got it but I could so be wrong, is that they follow the vibration of the waves. They also follow the moon but since tonight was no moon the ones who weren't moving by dusk were covered back up and would try again in the morning. The ones who did make the long trek to the sea were sooooo cute! They are so little and get stuck in foot prints and get tossed by even the tiniest of waves. I think it won't be long before people start placing bets and racing baby turtles. Its rather exciting in a very slow environmentally chic sort of way.
My low was that Ophelia has had major snot ever since she got off the plane. No big deal she had major snot the last time she was here. I think it's all the swimming. But while we were releasing the turtles she started getting this horrible cough. Like deep chesty and phlegmy and she'd catch in her throat and it sucked. I knew we were out in the middle of God Loves Nowhere gorgeousness not a doctor in sight, the sun is going down and I have to drive home in the darkness...ness. And even when we got home the next morning where were we going to find a doctor on a Sunday? Grant had drawn me a map in the dust of the window of my car to point me in the direction of a good doctor he uses in San Jose but I would have to wait until Monday to meet him. Luckily I stumbled upon a doctor while trying to rent some movies at a resort. A sign said doctor 24 hours. Saved. Got a prescription and a discount because I live here. The doctor gave me his card, said he'd even do house calls and now I've even got my doctor. Even if he doesn't work out I still have the dust map that Grant drew for his doctor on the window of my car. So even that is a high. And my other one last low is that I didn't get one picture of the turtles. I forgot my camera. Dumb. Grant got some and I'll try to get them from him and post them cuz they are real cute. Or I'll just go back, the hatch almost everyday it Oct and Nov.

So wasn't that fun? I'd love to hear your highs and lows for the week/ month. Feel free to comment with news


Anni said...

oops sorry. I really did mean to edit out the Fbomb. Trying to clean up my act. oops but it really was how I felt.

Sarah said...

Is that Scuba Steve in your housewarming party picture?!?!?! I love it!!!