Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beach Buddy

Here are some pictures of O and a friend she made on the beach. Ella was her name and she was the same age as O and the perfect companion for an hour or two. We thought they could almost be twins. Same body shape, same hair color, different color eyes but the same amount of sassy and bossyness. They bossed eachother around for a good hour or two while I talked with Ella's mom. Both parents were originally from England but are now living in Cali. They've retained their accents and Ella even has a little bit of one even though she was born in the states. O quite liked the English accent and has taken to using it at will. She now also enjoys Charlie and Lola, the cutest ever cartoon and the kids on the show have English accents. It's extremely cute. So now she'll just slip into speaking "English". When we left eachother that day I had agreed to drive some girls into Cabo as they were being harrassed by some beach creeps who kept following them around. And as we were loading up, Ella's parents helped me carry all of my beach stuff and were amazed that I could carry all that by myself. "I have to otherwise we'd never go to the beach, and that is not an option." I've got a good beach system down and if O is cooperating and doesn't NEED to be carried and help a little it works out just fine. Going in is easier than comin' out cuz she's tired then and wants to be carried. But this time the two girls held hands the whole way out and were gleeful as could be. Until they realized that they were going to be seperated and the two start bawling their faces off. I get confused because suddenly my car is missing...wha' happened...oh just hidden behind a big white van...girls are you sure you still want a ride with me and the crying babe? I guess the screaming girls were less scary than the creepy dudes and they accepted the ride. I liked them little travelers from Eugene in for the week caught a cheap ticket and were staying at the Cabo INN for $30.00 a night. I always thought if I were to have come here on my own dime and stay like 15 years ago I would've stayed at the Cabo Inn. Anyhow thats all enjoy the cute pics.

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