Friday, December 5, 2008

Starbucks so hot right now Starbucks...wait what???

... or at least in Cabo that is. Last night Betty, her client Al, and I went to the Starbucks opening. Even though Betty was feeling somewhat under the weather, she was SUPER excited for Stabucks to place its primero store in Cabo. I was more indifferent but intreagued as to what a Stabucks opening party might entail. I love a good opening party. Betty's friend is a part of a PR firm here in Cabo and that is how she got the invitation. Oh really...because even though I'm not all that interested in the Starbucks opening keep me posted on the invites cuz word has it Jean-Georges Vongerichten is opening a place soon at the Pamilla in Charlie Trotters old thats a party I'd like to be invited too...good luck with that, but I did tell Betty if she sees that invite not to pass it up.

We met Al at the mall, He was sort of the same mind set and me, up for the interest and going because we were invited and any excuse to hang out with Betty is a good one. And a little curious to see if this was anything special. It was a Starbucks. A nice one with two levels and and upper outdoor patio with flat screen TV overlooking Squid Row. Nice way for all the AA'er to check out their old haunt and lement in the days of old while soberly sipping on their new addiction. Please don't take offense I worked in a coffee shop, I know how it works. Sort of along those lines but more like the exact opposite, Starbucks wasn't even selling coffee that night, they were just handing out samples, um, I'm familiar with the frappiccino and am not really interested in coffee cake for dinner, Al and I agreed that the bar next door was much more our style. We bellied up to the bar at an italian place where the hostess tried to hard, but still, it worked we were in for a margarita or two. And if you can belive it, I think this was my first margarita since I've gotten here. That's telling isn't it. I'm definately not doing much partying down here, just real life, plus I'm kind of picky about my margaritas. Even though Mexico is the home of the margarita, cabo is home to the tourist and often that can make for a crummy margarita. This was no different, a little too sour and a sticky sweet, but I had two. I think it was the honeymooning couple from Iowa who inspired me. The sweetest couple. I think I have a thing for honeymooners, I love them, they are so HAPPY and have stars in their eyes for eachother. I get goosebumps when they tell me they are just married. I didn't think I was such a sap but I'm met two honeymooners down here and I have the same reaction every time. Granted the first couple I met at the Giggling Marlin, the husband give me a lap dance during the show there, so maybe it's just a Pavlov's dog sort of association, ooo ooo, honeymooners, lap dance for me!!! But not this couple, they were so green, and innocent and lovely. I kind of immediately wanted to buy them shots and give them cigarettes. But I'm done doing that to people, partly because I'm broke and partly because I don't smoke anymore, but not because I don't want to. We just talked instead. She had never been out of the country before and had barely left Iowa. They were enthrawled with the fact that we all lived there. We first started speaking to them because they had mistaken Al for a doctor that they had shared a hot tub with the night previous at their hotel. They were a little embarassed when they found out they were mistaken. I broke they ice when I said, "Wow you must've thought he was a total pimp hanging out now with two totally different ladies than the night before!" Nice work Al! I just loved 'em. After two margarita's it was 8:30 and time for these party animals to head home. I did point them in the direction of the Giggling Marlin though...I knew they'd have a good time and that would wash a little bit of the innocence out of'em but just enough to be fun.

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crazyrobot said...

Honeymooners? I think I'm on every wedding video we've been in for the last three years telling the happy couple to wait "as long as you can before procreating!!" Course now daughter is getting more fun, but I envy those honeymooners, maybe there's a second one after the kids leave home. (Can you tell I just had a whiney morning at Macy's Santaland???!!!) Giggling Marlins sounds much better.